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Finca Barlovento

Address: Playa los Naranjos, Santa Marta view map

This beach is conterminous to the sector Los Naranjos of the Tayrona Park, and is separated by the estuary mouth of the River Piedra. You can reach the main entrance of the Tayrona Park in five minutes by car. You can also go on a tour to the Canyon of Valencia and Buritaca!

There are two differents cabins with views of the sea and the forests. Barlovento cabin is the main building just in a rock over the beach. It offers 3 rooms that shares two bathrooms. An spectacular view of the sea and the river. It counts with terrace, resting area, garden and a restaurant. 

Maloka cabin offers 6 rooms with private bathroom, two of them with views of the sea, other two with views of the river and the other ones views of the mountains. There is also a living room and a terrace. 

Caring For The Customer

The "caring for the customer" rating is an aggregate score for the five parameters we survey (welcome, the service, charm, cleanliness/maintenance and overall experience/value for money. There must be a minimum of 3 traveller ratings we can average before we display a rating for the property. We also age traveller ratings and discard any that are over twelve months old.

Finca Barlovento   has an average customer care rating of 3.90 (out of a possible 5). The scores for each parameter are:
  • 3.70
  • 3.90
  • 4.00
  • 4.10
  • 3.80
Traveller Feedback

Mrs Marleen V.
- Belgium
on 30 Dec 2012
Mr mary b.
- United States
on 23 Aug 2012
Beautiful location, very unique, one of a kind experience.
Mr Bryan M.
- Canada
on 07 Mar 2012
Ms Casey R.
- United States
on 31 Jul 2011
We paid a ridiculous amount of money (USD$200) for sub standard accommodation. The "room" was inadequate for 3 (as advertised). There was no air conditioning and it was unbearably hot. For that price (that did not include meals...even breakfast) we expected a much higher standard of accommodation.
Mr Karin H.
- Austria
on 06 Apr 2011
Mr Charles F.
- United States
on 08 Feb 2011
Great location and friendly staff.
Mr Maria Clara R.
- Colombia
on 20 Jan 2011
Compared with other "eco-friendly” hostels my family and I have visited in different parts of the world (among others Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Philippines and Taiwan) Finca Barlovento is a total embarrassment. If Mr. Daniel Garcia thinks "ecology" is synonymous with dirt, neglect, and discomfort, his finca will win the top spot. As a Colombian, I feel ashamed with any foreigner staying in this place, although the location itself is a beauty and could be truly heavenly, if the necessary repairs are made. It is unbelievable that this place is under these neglect and dirt conditions, and that the owner dares to charge the fees he charges (showers without even having a tube, toilets without the corresponding seat, toilet paper holder without stick, the faucets of the washbasins loose, no mirrors in the bathrooms, the rooms’ ceiling with holes through which the water filters, the stairs with some loose steps -a situation that can cause an accident-, and the beach in front of rooms full of vultures, due to the dirtiness). Also, the dog lies down on the couch that is supposed to be where the guests relax, and sleeps in the shower in one of the bathrooms. On the other hand, a standard room accommodation must have certain measures which are universal and the ones at Finca Barlovento are literally "caves" where you cannot even move around. I encourage those responsible for Las Pleyades Travel Agency to verify what is mentioned above, as this place should not at all be advertised as "idyllic."
Ms Sarah P.
- United States
on 20 May 2010
We loved the Barlovento except for one big problem, the confirmation email said breakfast and dinner were included so we had no food with us. When we got back after dark, ready for dinner, we were told there was a kitchen for us to cook our own food. Except we had none! Luckily someone took us to get food so we could make our own dinner. If we had known we obviously would have brought food and it would have been all great. We thought the house was beautiful and want to come back (with food!!!).
Mr John L.
- United States
on 19 Apr 2010
Information in english about the property and the area would have been very helpful. For example, 1) details on how to get to park tayrona, and 2) details on safe swimming areas, etc, we didnt know if you would swim in lagoon or not, and later saw a crocodile in the lagoon, so i guess it is not safe ;)
Mr Stuart S.
- Canada
on 18 Feb 2010
The pictures do not really tell you how basic the accomidation is, but the setting makes up for it. The meals were great.

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