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Ecohabs Tayrona Park

Address: Tayrona Park- entrance of Cañaveral, Santa Marta view map

The ecohabs are the most exclusive accommodation within the Tayrona Park in Santa Marta. These bungalows have been inspired by the indigenous constructions of the ancient Tayrona tribe. They are built aloft so that you can enjoy privileged views of the Caribbean Sea and the rich vegetation of the park. The buildings are based on wood, with high roofs, which are covered with palm leaves, to reach an ideal temperature. These beautiful installations integrate you in the magic of the Tayrona Park.

A great advantage is that you are already within the Tayrona Park and you can walk from Cañaveral to discover the other beaches of the Tayrona Park like Arrecifes, la Piscina and Cabo San Juan del Guía.

Caring for Destination
This accommodation provider has taken action to address one or more issues (whether environmental, social or cultural) which will contribute positively to the long term viability of the destination and hence their site displays a Caring for the destination rating.

Main area of focus in Caring for the Destination:

Consolidation of the Tayrona Park as first eco-tourist destination of Colombia

Detailed description of the Caring for the Destination Initiative:

Both, the Temporary Union Tayrona and Aviatur have made the effort to restructure the park and to facilitate accommodation for tourists without harming the natural environment. Their unique goal is that, when their concession ends in ten years, the Tayrona Park will be consolidated as the first eco tourist destination of Colombia.

These are the recommendations and indications for the visitors of the Ecohabs and the Tayrona National Natural Park in order to protect and preserve this natural paradise from any harm:

• Do not forget to deposit the garbage in the indicated places.

• Please take empty batteries with you out of the park area when you leave.

• Please only enter to the park returnable materials.

• Please switch off the light when you do not use it.

• Do not throw any materials into the toilet.

• Please help us to save water.

• It is not allowed to listen music at a high volume to respect the park.

• Given the fragility of the eco system you will visit, it is not allowed to recollect shells, corals, stones, animal or vegetal materials and strange animals and take them out of the park. And please don't use sprays or other toxic materials.

• It is not allowed to smoke or to cook in the rooms, but you can use the indicated cook areas on the camping.

• Please use the boxes of the park for biodegradable garbage. There plastic bags at your disposition for the non biodegradable garbage, to take it out of the park when you leave.
• It is not allowed to realize bonfires

Traveller Feedback
Score for how travellers see this initiative ... both in terms of impact and commitment.
Not impressed
2.19 out of 3 Fantastic
Mr Thien A.
- Switzerland
on 07 Jul 2013
Mr Lucey E.
- Ireland
on 12 Jun 2013
Mrs Elizabeth L.
- United States
on 18 May 2013
Mr Tanja S.
- Switzerland
on 17 Apr 2013
Mr Gregory R.
- Spain and Canary Islands
on 02 Apr 2013
Mr gonzalo p.
- Chile
on 19 Mar 2013
Mrs Sebastiao C.
- Portugal
on 04 Mar 2013
Mr Erik M.
- United States
on 23 Feb 2013
Mr Barbara R.
- Chile
on 22 Feb 2013
Mr Nathan H.
- United States
on 18 Feb 2013
Ms Ximena M.
- Peru
on 07 Nov 2012
We understand it had to be as "eco-friendly" as possible...and it realy was, that's for sure!
Ms Gail M.
- United Kingdom
on 03 Sep 2012
No evidence to suggest the hotel was run on environmentally friendly principles.
Mr Chris S.
- United Kingdom
on 14 Aug 2012
Re environmental credentials - whilst I agree that the Ecohabs hotel is a "close to nature" setting, and that they do make efforts to keep the place clean and tidy. I wouldn't say that this was evidence of a strong environmental policy. For example, everybody who goes there seems to arrive in an individual taxi, power doesn't appear to be from environmentally friendly sources, and there's no evident separation of waste into recyclables. Not sure how this constitutes sustainability as such...
Ms Nina H.
- United States
on 01 Apr 2012
Mr Uriel O.
- Argentina
on 13 Feb 2012
Mr Magnus K.
- Germany
on 03 Jan 2012
Ms Rosana M.
- Brazil
on 22 Nov 2011
Mrs Lynn H.
- United States
on 28 Sep 2011
Mr Ted K.
- Sweden
on 21 Aug 2011
Mr Colin D.
- United Kingdom
on 12 Feb 2011
Mr Martin G.
- Switzerland
on 02 Feb 2011
Mr Ethan D.
- United States
on 29 Jan 2011

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