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Minca Ecohabs is a place of peace and rest for travellers who want to relax totally surrounded by mountains, rivers and the sea. This hotel focusses on permaculture, bio construction and human development.

Minca is the first town on the way to Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. At 40 minutes from the city and about one hour from the beach. From there you can enjoy spectacular views of Santa Marta and the caribbean sea. 

Minca is the first town on the way to the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. Only 40 minutes away from the city centre, the vegetation changes completely and the temperature drops considerably. You will notice the presence of the mountains and the River Minca, and you can discover natural bassins at Pozo Azul and the waterfalls by ecological walks and tours to visit gardens of exotic flowers and organic coffee farms...

The traveller should know that the road to reach the ecohabs is not very good in some sections, and the nearest beach is at one hour in Tayrona Park. 


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Hotel Address: Minca - Sierra Nevada, Santa Marta

Getting there (local language)

Para llegar se dede tomar la carretera de Santa Marta a Minca. Nosotros ofrecemos servicio de transporte con taxis de confianza con un precio de aproximadamente 35,000 pesos desde la ciudad de Santa Marta, 55,000 desde el aeropuerto. 

Getting there

The traveller must take the road from Santa Marta to Minca. 

We offer a private transfer service by taxi, which costs about 35.000 pesos from the city of Santa Marta, or 55.000 pesos from the airport.