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The Tayrona National Park is a natural paradise, blessed with beautiful beaches and waters of all types. Los Angeles has a long sandy beach where you can enjoy privacy, relax in the hammock and make long walks. The Sea is of a wild Nature, so it is for good swimmers and surfers.

Los Angeles is an adjacent beach to the Tayrona National Park in Santa Marta. This is a totally natural and not crowded area and thus there is neither internet nor telephone available.


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Hotel Address: Parque Tayrona, Santa Marta

Getting there (local language)

Finca Los Angeles es una propiedad privada. Se encuentra en el km 33,5 de la Troncal del caribe, la carretera que va de Santa Marta a Riohacha.

La mejor forma de llegar allí es en taxi. Podemos organizar su trasnporte en nuestros taxis de confianza con un precio de 90,000 pesos desde Santa Marta, 120,000 desde el aeropuerto y 550,000 desde Cartagena. 

Getting there

Finca Los Angeles is a private property. It's located in the km 33.5 of the Troncal del caribe road, the one that takes you from Santa Marta to RioHacha.

The best way to go there is by taxi. We offer the service in reliable taxis from Santa Marta (90,000 pesos), the airport (120,000 pesos) or Cartagena (550,000 pesos).