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These eco lodges in Palomino are located in a natural reserve and they are the best choice for travelers who are looking for a private atmosphere right next to the beach, where you can enjoy all hotel services and comfort embedded in a breathtaking natural area right next to the Caribbean Sea. With views of lagoons in every blue hue you can imagine and seemingly endless white sandy beaches, this is the perfect place for relaxing during the day and star gazing at night.

Book your stay at Ecohabs Palomino and relax, taste good cuisine and have fun!

You can easily get to Palomino both from the city of Santa Marta and Riohacha in La Guajira.

These fabulous eco huts are located in the department of La Guajira, 70 Km from the city of Santa Marta, and 90 Km from Riohacha. Thus it is easy to get there from both cities and also to the Tayrona National Park, Quebradas Valencia, the Flamingo Sanctuary and Cabo de la Vela.


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Hotel Address: Palomino - between Tayrona and la Guajira, Palomino

Getting there (local language)

Se puede llegar facilmente desde Santa Marta a Palomino en una hora y media aproximadamente en taxi o dos horas en autobus, o desde Rioacha; y en menos de una hora desde Tayrona Park.

Si lo desea podemos organizar su transporte en nuestros taxis de confianza. 

Getting there

From Santa Marta you can easily take a taxi to get to Palomino in 1.5 hours, or by pubic bus in 2 hours from Santa Marta or from Riohacha, and in less than 1 hour from the Tayrona National Park.
If you wish we can arrange your transport service with our reliable taxis from any point.