Weather in Santa Marta

A trip to Santa Marta in Colombia needs to factor in both climate and the domestic travel seasons at the planning stage. Check out our six-day Santa Marta weather forecast below for the latest temperatures in Santa Marta.

Colombia is close to the equator and falls in the tropical climate zone. As such, temperatures in Santa Marta are more or less the same all year round. Day temperatures on average reach a maximum of about 35° C, while night temperatures go down to around 25° C.

It's the amount of rainfall during a particular period that gives Colombia its two "seasons". The rainy season, stretching from April to December is termed locally as winter, while summer, with low rainfall, is from mid-December to the end of March. June and part of July are when rainfall is at its heaviest.

Santa Marta is a favourite vacation spot for Colombians and the city sees an influx of domestic tourists between the end of December and mid-January, during the Easter holy week in March or April (locally known as Semana Santa) and again from mid-June to mid-July.

When to Go

Ideally, the best time to plan a trip to Santa Marta is outside of these high seasons, which is when Santa Marta hotels and beaches are overcrowded and tariffs are high. Alternatively, you can also consider a visit during the summer months or the period in July-August, when the rainfall is relatively low.

Six-day forecast (Details)°F | °C
Nov 01
Hi:  30°C
Lo:  25°C
Nov 02
Hi:  29°C
Lo:  25°C
Nov 03
Hi:  31°C
Lo:  26°C
Nov 04
Hi:  31°C
Lo:  25°C
Nov 05
Hi:  30°C
Lo:  25°C
Nov 06
Hi:  31°C
Lo:  24°C