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Beach House Cinto is an excellent option for those travelers who like ecological tourism, because this accommodation works with solar energy and you need to take fresh water, alimentation and ice blocks with you for this stay. Anyway, the owner will pick you up at your accommodation in Santa Marta and help you in everything until you are safe in the boat on the way to Playa Cinto in the Tayrona National Park (parque Tayrona).

A long time ago, this beach, like many of the park, was inhabited by indigenous communities belonging to the Tayrona. Playa Cinto is considered the most important from the archaeological point of view, since remains have been found with seniority dating from about 2000 BC. Nowadays the bay is still considered a sacred place and place of payment by the descendants of the Tayrona groups, especially for Koguis.

Caring for Destination

This accommodation provider has taken action to address one or more issues (whether environmental, social or cultural) which will contribute positively to the long term viability of the destination and hence their site displays a Caring for the destination rating.

Main area of focus in Caring for the Destination:

Maintainment of the sensitive and protected eco system of the Tayrona Park

Detailed description of the Caring for the Destination Initiative:

All guests of Beach House Cinto are asked kindly to respect the nature of this beautiful place and the protected area of the Tayrona National Park. They encourage their guests to do the same and request tourists to follow these guidelines:

  • Do not forget to deposit the garbage in the indicated places
  • Take empty batteries with you out of the park area when you leave
  • Do not throw any materials into the toilet
  • Please help us to save water
  • It is not allowed to listen music at a high volume to respect the park
  • Given the fragility of the eco system you will visit, it is not allowed to recollect shells, corals, stones, animal or vegetal materials and strange animals and take them out of the park. And please don't use sprays or other toxic materials
  • Please use the boxes of the park for biodegradable garbage. There are plastic bags at your disposition for the non biodegradable garbage; please take it out of the park when you leave
  • It is not allowed to have bonfires
    Since the energy for the lights is produced exclusively by solar panels, please switch off the light when you do not use it