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The Mendihuaca Caribbean Resort is partly a tourist hotel complex, whose installations consist of 148 villas in the first finished building stage; these villas are composed of one, two, or three rooms in modules of three and four plants.

The whole resort was built in an area of 60000 square metres, on a plot of land which has 400 metres of beach and approximately 3680 coconut palms. This, coupled with the diverse vegetation which surrounds it, allows you to inhale and enjoy a unique ecological ambience. At the moment, the first stage, service and leisure areas have been constructed on an area of 45000 square metres; there are 15000 square metres left to be constructed in the second building stage.

The Mendihuaca Caribbean Resort offers a special enchantment, because one of its plots is located at the banks of the Mendihuaca River, where you can experience a natural swimming pool of gigantic stones and a waterfall of four metres height, along with the exuberant vegetation of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.

In this ambience, you not only breathe in pure air, but you also get to enjoy the flora and fauna. Besides, the natural National park Tayrona is situated only 5 km from there and invites you to a great tour!

The "caring for the customer" rating is an aggregate score for the five parameters we survey (welcome, the service, charm, cleanliness/maintenance and overall experience/value for money. There must be a minimum of 3 traveller ratings we can average before we display a rating for the property. We also age traveller ratings and discard any that are over twelve months old.