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Tayrona Ecotourist Lodging (Los Naranjos) are a group of 2 eco-tourist bungalows with a capacity for up to 8 people. They are located only 2 km from the main entrance of the Tayrona National Park. There you will be able to explore natural pathways, viewpoints, river and beach. You will reach the beach by a walk of 20 minutes by an ecological pathway, where you will see the river Piedra flowing into the Caribbean Sea. In Finca, you may enjoy a viewpoint from where you will be able to observe the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta and the area of the Tayrona Park. You will enjoy an good climate and be able to practice surf at the best beaches of the Tayrona Park and Santa Marta. They have a special agreement so that you have to pay the entrance to the Tayrona Park only once and then you may enter and leave it as many times as you want.

The Posadas Los Naranjos are located 33 km from the city of Santa Marta and 2 km from the main entrance of the Tayrona National Park, surrounded by forest and very close to Los Naranjos beach.


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Hotel Address: Los Naranjos, Santa Marta

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Getting there (local language)

La mejor forma de llegar es en taxi, o tomando el servicio de autobus público en el mercado de Santa Marta. Si lo desea podemos organizar su tranporte en nuestros taxis de confianza. 

Getting there

You can easily get there by taxi or by catching a public bus on the marketplace of Santa Marta. We can arrange the transfer by taxi with reliable cabs.