Ecohabs Tayrona

"Eco-hab" has become a more and more popular term for eco-friendly accommodations along the beaches and in the mountains of Santa Marta, Colombia.

These so called "eco-habs" range from exclusive luxurious accommodation in Tayrona National Park  to nice eco-cabanas, eco-lodges, eco-fincas (a large farm or ranch) and simple eco-huts on the beaches adjacent to the park and Palomino.

Not all eco-habs refer to the same type of Santa Marta accommodation, and in the following we will present you the different eco-hab hotels in Santa Marta, particularly those in the area of the Tayrona National Park and the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.

Eco-habs Santa Marta










Ecohabs Tayrona National Park: These are the most luxurious accommodations within Tayrona National Park, with all the services of a proper hotel. All ecohabs have a spectacular view of the sea and they offer accommodation capacity for 1- 4 people in one room. They are located on the beach of Cañaveral close to the main entrance of the park.



Beach House Tayrona is actually not an ecohab, but it is a good option for the ecohabs Tayrona if you are looking for suites in a completely natural area between the river and the sea. It is in an absolutely private atmosphere with the greatest sea views!

cabanas beach of arrecifes

- Eco cabanas Tayrona Park: These cabins are located on the beach of Arrecifes; the beach is next to Cañaveral and closer to the other beaches of the park like La Piscina and Cabo de San Juan. They are as comfortable as the eco-habs, but have no sea views. They offer space for up to 5 people on two levels.

finca barlovento santa marta

Eco Finca los Naranjos: This eco-friendly cabana is located between the river and the sea, in a great natural area atmoshere with a remote beach. It is only 5 minutes from the main entrance of the Tayrona Park. The rooms are simple, but offer a great view of the sea.


Eco cabins Los Angeles: A beautiful ecotourist cabana built with a loft of wonderful sea views and a lot of privacy. These cabins are only a 5-minute walk from a quasi private beach and 5 minutes by bus or taxi from the Tayrona National Park.

cabana palomino tayrona

Eco lodges Palomino: These are spectacular big beach huts with all the necessary comforts. With a capacity for 2-12 people, many of the them have a sea view. They offer a huge terrace to enjoy a totally private and natural atmosphere without a lot of tourists around - still an almost unknown paradise...

- Eco villa Palomino
: This is a cosy beach house right next to a totally private beach; it offers one room for couples and another one for groups, and it is also possible to hire the entire house. There are no other cabanas around so you may enjoy a totally private atmosphere in a natural paradise...


Eco boutique hotels
: Ecohotele is the most sophisticated accommodation in the area because it combines totally modern, stylish and luxurious installations with excellent services embedded in a totally natural area and materials which don't harm the environment. 


To enter Tayrona National Park, it's needed to pay a ticket. The prices are:

13,000 pesos for Colombians, 35,000 pesos for foreigners and 9,000 for children.