Santa Marta Beaches

The beaches of Santa Marta are incredibly beautiful, and each one is unique. You can explore thes beaches which most corresponds to your taste. Below we have listed the attributes of some of our most popular Santa Marta beaches...

1. Beaches of the Tayrona National Park

  • Beach of Cañaveral: this is the first beach of the concession of the Tayrona National Park. There you enter the park and you will have to pay the entrance fee, which is 35'000 pesos for foreign visitors and 15'000 pesos for colombian citizens. You pay this fee only once- then you can stay as many days as you want. The beach of Canaveral is a wild beach, visually very beautiful, but not for swimming. At this beach you can find the famous ecohabs, which are beautiful and comfortable beach cabanas with an amazing view of the Sea...
ecohabs tayrona
  • Beach of Arrecifes: in Canaveral, you start the adventure to discover the beaches of the Tayrona Park. You can do this walking by a trek of 40 minutes through jungle like area, or you can also hire a horse so you arrive in only 20 minutes to the beach of Arrecifes.There you will find a restaurant and a campig zone, as well as the eco cabanas of Aviatur with very comfortable interiors. The beach itself is of an incredible beauty, but it is dangerous to enter the Sea because of the strong streams and you will see warning signs. 
the beach of arrecifes tayrona park
  • Beach of la Piscina: this beach is fantastic, because the bay looks like a swimming pool and it was built by Nature itself. This beach is perfect for swiming and relaxing, and also to taste the wonderful local dish " arepa huevo" with a fresh orange juice. Unfortunately there are no accommodation facilities at this beach.
parque tayrona santa marta
  • Beach of Cabo de San Juan: this is the largest beach of the park with a big bay and incredible stone formations all around. Thereyou can also find a restaurant and a camping zone.
beach cabo san juan tayrona park
  • Nudist beach: it is called like this because it is a very lonely beach where you can enjoy privacy and even walk around naked if you want..
  • Beach of Siete Olas: once you have passed the entrance of Neguanje, in 10 minutes you will be able to see the beach of 7 olas, or Playa Brava, where the famous vallenato singer Carlos Vives made his video clips. There is a viewpoint so that you can take photos.
  • Playa Cristal- the chrystal beach: as its name lets suspect, this beach has totally white sand and chrystal clear waters to enjoy. There you can practise snorkelling and other water sports and enjoy great seafood. It is the most favourite beach to realise a day tour to the Tayrona park for those who don't want to walk at all.
playa cristal tayrona park santa marta
  • Playa Cinto: There are no words to describe the atmosphere you will find at Playa is an oasis of tranquility, peace and total relaxation. You can rent a beautiful beach cabana right next to the Sea exclusively for your friends or family or you can come to visit our hostel...
cinto beach tayrona
  • Beach of Chengue: like CInto, Chengue is a very private and lonely beach, but it has no accommodation facilities. So you can realise a day hike to this beach and come back to Santa Marta in the evening.
chengue beach tayrona
  • Playa Gairaca: this is a wonderful beach with a wild Sea, which you can visit before you arrive to the beach of Neguanje.
  • Playa Brava: you can get there from the entrance of the Tayrona Park in Calabazo. Instead of turning to Pueblito, follow the signs in direction of Playa Brava, a savage beach with a savage Sea- and a hard walk of 3.5 hours to get there..
2. Adjacent beaches to the Tayrona Park
These beaches are situated at 5 minutes by bus, car or taxi from the main entrance of the park in Canaveral.

- beach of los Naranjos


- beach of Los Angeles

beach of los angeles tayrona santa marta
Beach of Casagrande: this beach is ideal for surfers, because you have strong waves all over the year and it is a nice long sandy beach, where you also can rent simple, but clean and comfortable beach cabanas at a very economic price.

casagrande sur beach

Beach of Palomino 


2. Beaches of Taganga

- beach of Taganga
- beach of Playa Grande
- bays after Playa Grande 

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4. Pozos Colorados Beaches

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6. Beaches of via Cienaga